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How to earn your cash prize?

1. To get the R3500 Cash Price, First click the green button "WHATSAPP" and send this information to 12 friends or groups on WhatsApp!

2. After sending the message, you will go to the next step where you will be able to get the money sent to your Account in 2 minutes.
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Congratulations on winning the R3500 cash prize.

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1. You need to be careful to carry out tasks that you will be paid according to your Account Type.

(Note that this step is important for the option of sending money to work.)

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Khomotso Polivia CONFIRMED @SurvivalFund_ng @Survival_Fund "Message: #IGotSurvivalFund. Khomotso Polivia. PROMPT REACH ACADEMY in Suleja NIGER STATE. ID No. AGPnN2. I am a beneficiary of Survival Fund. Thank you Federal Govt."
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Bokang Mosala CONFIRMED "Message: #IGotSurvivalFund. Mbachu Uchenna LUCIO TECHNICALS COMPANY in Obio/Akpor RIVERS STATE ID No. 56xBb. I am a beneficiary of Survival Fund. Thank you Federal Govt."
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Rakumako Shoki CONFIRMED.#IGotSurvivalFund Sano Abubakar BITYOK_CONSULTANTS LIMITED in bokkos PLATEAU STATE ID No. TAzO70. I am a beneficiary of survival funds. Thank you federal Govt.”
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Thato Maria Wow ... you also received the money?
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Tebogo is writing a comment...
Ntuli Kgosana Thank you for the money you gave me
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